Due to requests from our members to download and use the BES logo on their websites, we have provided a logo that links to our website’s patient information. We are pleased to share information and support your communications.

The logo is uniquely allocated to each member, should not be shared and is live for as long as you are a BES member.

Because your website may have different display requirements, the logo will adapt to fit the width of the area of the page where you place it.

Please note that the date shown on the logo is not an indication of your payment status with the BES. Also, use of the logo does not provide accreditation of the user’s professional competence.

Instructions for use: If you are installing the logo in a column on your page that already exists, cut and paste the following code. There should be no line breaks in the code when you paste it.

If you need to make it less wide, say 150px, enclose the code in a ‘div’. You may need to experiment with the height. As a rough guide multiply the width by 1.5. Make sure that you don’t delete the ‘px’ after the number in the width and height specifications, and the number should be a whole number.