The BES would like to offer its GDC registered members the opportunity to use the BES logo as a demonstration of membership of the Society.

This powerful member benefit demonstrates that you are part of a professional community with high standards, however with use of the BES logo comes the responsibility for its message and therefore please see the conditions below:

  1.  The BES logo is the exclusive property of the BES.  Any use or reproduction in a manner that does not conform to that described below is prohibited.  Unauthorized use of the logo will result in loss of membership and may result in legal action.
  2. The BES logo must only be used to imply membership NOT a level of professional ability, such as being a Specialist, if this is not the case, and your level of professional competence should be made clear to any potential patient prior to their treatment.  Your use of the logo can be a source of information to help patients make informed choices about their dental care however advertising that is false, misleading or has the potential to mislead, is unprofessional and may lead to a fitness to practice investigation with the GDC and can be a criminal offence.
  3. The BES logo must be used in its entirety and not be altered in any way.  The year of membership must not be removed and must show the current year.  If a dentist is no longer a member of the Society use of the logo must cease.
  4. The BES logo must not be used in conjunction with continuing education, patient education material or social gatherings/social media activity or any other activity which is not sponsored or approved by the BES.
  5. A member’s stationery or website bearing the BES Logo may only be used in conjunction with the professional practice of endodontics relating to the individual member concerned.

If you wish to receive a copy of the BES logo for individual use, please use the contact form on the website.