Have your say on GDC consultation

Specialist listing consultation Contribute your view on the current GDC consultation on the principles governing its approach to specialist listing. Individual responses to the GDC are encouraged and a response will also be submitted on behalf of the Society.

Link is here under “open consultations”:


Online survey found here:


Closing date 25th April 2019.

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From Chief Dental Officer England: Sara Hurley

Baroness Dido Harding (the lead for NHS Workforce Development) has invited contributions to the debate on developing the NHS Workforce and has offered us the opportunity to start and share a discussion/ideas on dental workforce and for the findings to be included in the final submission to DHS&C, NHS E and HEE. This is an opportunity to add to the momentum on contract reforms, improving opportunities for education and training as well as influencing commissioning. Please have a look at the following prompt and add your thoughts and share the link to those that would wish to add the facts, figures, compelling arguments and innovations for further change and evolution. Putting the Mouth Back in the Body 

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Exploding endodontic myths

Research overwhelmingly proves that root canal treatment is safe, effective and eliminates pain.

The American Association of Endodontists’s Root Canal Safety page provides further resources about the safety of endodontic treatment.

The ESE, of which we are a member society, has also issued its position statement on this. Please do get in touch if you need any more information from the BES.

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Spring Scientific Meeting: booking now open

Website maintenance is still ongoing and we apologise for the delay in re-opening our payments system, we will notify all members when this is completed and will retain your membership from 2018 until this is operational.

Details on how to book the Spring Scientific Meeting can be found on our Events page.

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Management of deep caries and the exposed pulp

The ESE has released its position statement on the management of deep caries and the exposed pulp which can be found here. The full article can be accessed and downloaded as a pdf via the IEJ, Wiley Online Library. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. The ESE thanks the expert panel, led by Hal Duncan.

First published: 21 Jan

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Website transition

We have recently moved our website to a new platform and host so you may have noticed a slight bump in the road as we were doing this. As you can see, we are now up and running although a few areas of the site are still under development. We hope you will bear with us whilst this is being completed. If you can't access a part of the website that you need information from, please email Annabel Thomas who will be able to help you directly: admin@britishendodonticsociety.org.uk. We hope you continue to enjoy the BES website - we'll let you know as soon as we have 100% functionality.

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Title of this years Harty Essay Prize announced

The title of this years Harty Essay Prize is: “Discuss the role of procedures designed to maintain pulp vitality, highlighting the process of decision-making when choosing the mode of treatment as well as the possible consequences of using such measures.”

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IFEA congress is coming to the UK for the first time - Glasgow 2024

During this year’s International Federation of Endodontic Associations (IFEA) World Endodontic Congress in Seoul, South Korea, 4-7 October, a team representing the British Endodontic Society (BES) presented and won its bid to host IFEA 2024 in the UK for the first time in the congress’s history.

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Irish Endodontic Society Annual Scientific Meeting 24/25 January 2019 Dublin

Pleae see attached programme. BES members may attend at member rate.

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