I could not believe how quickly my pain was resolved following the procedure as my tooth had caused me so much discomfort
Mrs G Surrey

I was worried about the procedure and if I would feel pain during the treatment but the anaesthetic was really effective and I did not feel any pain during the procedure
Mr M Surrey

I have not had a rubber dam placed before and was a little worried about it, but I was amazed at the difference it made and how easy it was to be used to it.
Mrs H Surrey

I was very worried at the thought of losing my tooth and was very happy my dentist managed to save it with root canal treatment.
Mrs W Surrey

I was referred to Dr **** by my regular dentist after picking up an anomaly in my molar that required specialist treatment.
As a nervous patient being told root canal treatment was required was never going to be a nice thing to hear, but from entering Dr. ****’s surgery I was put completely at ease and the treatment itself was swift and painless.
Mr Aldrich, Cheshire

I was referred to Dr *** from my dentist for root treatment. I had been worried about having the treatment as I thought it would be painful, but I needn’t have been. I didn’t feel any pain the whole way throughout the procedure and didn’t even feel the initial injection, which was brilliant. I have had no pain since. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Ms D., Cheshire