The British Endodontic Society offers two national awards annually, to the dental students submitting the best report of an elective period project in the field of Endodontology.

Year Name Project Title

Nasir Bashir

University of Birmingham

Evaluating the efficacy of root canal preparation techniques in eliminating intracanal bacteria: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Harpal Bamrah

University of Birmingham

3 Case Studies

Jasmeet Heron

University of Birmingham

Sealer or Filler?  The effective way of obturating the root canal for high success

Sonia Soopen

University of Birmingham

A micro-CT analysis of root canals filled with BioRoot RCS using three obturation techniques
2014 Harpreet Malhi
University of Liverpool
Procedural errors produced by novice operators in simulated root canals with Nickel-Titanium files used in reciprocating motion: WaveOne Vs Reciproc
Rajvanesh Juneja
University of Birmingham
Debris removal in root canals prepared using an off- centered rectangular cross-section NiTi files assessed with Micro-Computer Tomography
2011 Edward G Willshire and Christopher Gravenel Comparison of the shaping ability of ProTaper Universal and GT series X Rotary Nickel- Titanium File Systems
Nicholas Beacher
Glasgow University
Quantitative PCR analysis of Enterococcus faecalis in failed endodontic treatment: evaluation of efficacy of photoactivated disinfection (PAD)
2009 Ms Emma Saliba and Ms Shiva Abbassi-Ghadi
Bristol Dental Hospital
2008 Micheal Mehrdad Lessani and Matthew J Brennand Roper
2006 Felicity Martin and Helen Rimmer An ex-vivo study of the efficiency of four endodontic irrigation systems to remove dentinal debris from oval extensions and iatrogenic irregularities in human root canal model
2005 Ms Reena Patel and Ms Jennifer Collins
Cardiff Dental School