The Harty Prize is an annual essay writing competition. The BES sets the topic and undergraduates from dental schools in the UK enter using a pseudonym.


Year Name Project Title
2019/20 Nasir Bashir The placement of a dental implant is often considered as an alternative to root canal treatment.  Discuss how you would approach this treatment planning decision relying on the evidence base to support your answer.
2018/19 Milan Krstic Discuss the role of procedures designed to maintain pulp vitality, highlighting the process of decision making when choosing the mode of treatment as well as the possible consequences of such measures.
2017/18 Joint Winners – Jed Y L Lee and Shanil Patel

“In an era increasingly focused on holistic care, discuss the relationship between systemic disease and endodontic therapy. In your answer explore the impact this might have on diagnosis, treatment planning, the informed consent process and outcome”

2016/17 Michael Brown Dental resorption in permanent teeth is a problem often encountered in practice.  Classify the different types of resorption you might see, and discuss their aetiology, management and prognosis.
2015/16 Jignesh Panchal
2014/15 Devan Raindi
2013/14 Joint Winners – Mariya Godsafe and Satnam Singh Virdee Teeth that have root fillings that are satisfactory on a radiograph can fail, whereas teeth that have root fillings that are not, can succeed.  Discuss the potential reasons for this and the implications it might have on the decision to treat?