British Endodontic Society

Teachers of Endodontology Group

The teaching of endodontology and endodontics is an essential component of the undergraduate curriculum The Teachers of Endodontology Group is affiliated to the British Endodontic Society and provides an opportunity for individuals whose involvement in endodontics may range from occasional teaching to those who co-ordinate courses and delivery of treatment to share concerns, compare curricula and contribute to future strategies. This forum enables discussion about common issues, interaction with colleagues and provides an update on a number of selected topics.

To date the group has met every eighteen months with two delegates from each undergraduate dental school being nominated by their school to attend a one day meeting.

Those of you who have attended on previous occasions will know that the meetings are informal, productive, strategic and above all, uniquely collegial

Previous meeting topics include


The challenges of teaching and assessments in a Covid era.


Guidelines for undergraduate teaching guidelines

Collaboration with the AAE/ESE; a pooled resource for endododontic cases

Magnification for undergraduates

School opportunities and challenges


Rotaries for undergraduate teaching

Trauma: what should we be teaching?

Outcomes related to endodontic treatment

Challenges for the DF1

Revitalisation procedures


Looking at the evidence base for undergraduate teaching

ESE curriculum guidelines

Requirements ?

Portfolio-based assessments