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BES History

BES History

At over 50 years old we are a well-established society having seen and initiated much change over that time. For the historians, our first 50 years: 1963 – 2013 are catalogued in the download you can find on this page.

From a society point of view, we are committed to furthering the nation’s dental health and well-being through pioneering, researching and supporting members. Our prizes, awards and grants are testament to our continuing investment.

We look forward to sharing the future of endodontics with you.

Key facts

  • The British Endodontic Society was formed in 1963 on 16th January in London
  • Founder member and first president: Dr Hans Orlay
  • The Journal of the British Endodontic Society was established in 1967
  • In addition to London, the BES started to hold provincial meetings across the UK
  • In 1974, the BES held its first joint meeting with the American Association of Endodontists
  • 1975 saw the start of the BES Study Club – and they continue to this day!
  • In 1978 the first workshop on the teaching of endodontics in the Dental Schools of the United Kingdom and Ireland was held at the Eastman Dental Hospital
  • A BES logo was introduced in 1983
  • 1980 – first International Endodontic Journal was published with representation from across the world
  • European Society of Endodontology formed in 1983 in Venice
  • In 1991 the IEJ reported on the first successful candidates to complete an MSc degree in Endodontics from the University of London
  • In 1993 The British Endodontic Society hosted the 6th Biennial Congress of the European Endodontology Society
  • In 1993, the Society introduced three new awards in the field of research and education in addition to the existing Harty Medal and prize
  • 1977 – The Society became a Registered Charity with the Charity Commission
  • 2001 – the first BES website was launched
  • 2007 – the first PanDental conference was held with 3 other dental societies
  • 2009 – The Society hosted the 14th Biennial ESE Congress in Edinburgh
  • 2012 – The Society registered at Companies House and became a Private Company Limited by Guarantee
  • 2018 – the society’s new website was unveiled and the BES won the bid to host IFEA 2024 in Glasgow
  • 2020 - the Society cancelled its Spring Scientific Meeting and held its first totally online Regional Meeting due to the Covid 19 pandemic
  • 2022 - the Society produced its own 'Guide to Good Endodontic Practice'

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