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BES Early Career Group

BES Early Career Group

The BES Early Career Group (ECG) is an exciting initiative by the BES to engage with dental professionals at the early stage of their career who share a passion for and interest in Endodontics.

The group became active in 2021 and its Terms of Reference were accepted at the 2024 AGM Terms of Reference  .The purpose of the ECG is to support dentists early in their endodontic journey by providing high quality education and training for dental professionals pursuing career development in Endodontics, helping to improve the quality of Endodontic care amongst newly qualifying dentists in primary and secondary care settings and linking early career members with more experienced endodontists to act as a forum for dentists to network and exchange information.

Annual Study Days are held in July with content targeted to newly qualified dentists with a keen interest in endodontics, postgraduates preparing for their MEndo examinations and newly qualified clinicians with a Masters in Endodontology.  We also hold ECG networking receptions linked to the BES Spring Scientific and Regional Meetings.

The ECG is open to any BES member who is at the early stages of their endodontic career.  As a member of the ECG, we hope to support and engage with you to meet the challenges you are likely to face in the formative years of your careers.  The group will next get together at the 2024 World Endodontic Congress, 11-14th September in Glasgow.  Here you will enjoy a dedicated programme to early career interests on Friday 13th September.  For further details please click here

The ECG is also organising a Study Day on Saturday 6th July 2024 with mock vivas for those preparing to sit their MEndo examination. For further details, please click here

If you would like further information on how to develop your career pathways in endodontics please click here

In supporting the development our next generation of endodontic experts the BES have a number of prizes dedicated to our early career clinicians.  Please click here for more information on these.

If you have any further suggestions for the ECG please contact the Chair of the ECG Dr Daniel Vaz de Souza (Honorary Treasurer) or Vice-Chair Dr Dipti Mehta (Honorary Secretary)  by sending an email to Suzanne McLean, our Membership Assistant


If you would like to be involved with the ECG please email Suzanne McLean, our Membership Assistant on



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