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BES Early Career Group

BES Early Career Group

New for 2021 is the BES Early Career Group.  The Early Career Group (ECG) received official status as a sub-section of the BES at the AGM in November 2020.  The aim is to help further the education and training for dental professionals at the early stages of their career, all of who share a passion for and interest in Endodontology.  It will also act as a forum for dentists to network and exchange information, working towards the formation of a small sub-committee in the future.

Our plan is to initially coordinate an annual launch event linked to the spring and autumn BES meetings this year.  Subsequent regional events would be focussed on the creation of educational content, whilst also trying to develop a platform to exchange ideas, especially aimed at those working towards or currently undergoing training in endodontics.  As a member of the ECG,  we hope to  support and engage with you to meet the challenges you are likely to face in the formative years of your careers.

The ECG is open to any BES member who is at the early stages of their career and shares a passion for endodontology.

If you would like to be involved with the ECG please email Suzanne McLean, our Membership Assistant on

If you have any further suggestions for the ECG please contact any of the following who represent the ECG on Council: Dr Risha Patel, BES Honorary Communications Officer; Dr Daniel Vaz de Souza (ESE Representative)  and Dr Maria Lessani ( President- Elect),  on the email above.

The ECG has also just released information on career pathways for those interested in pursuing a career in endodontics.

Early Careers Guide v1.2 Career Pathways

The Initial launch date for the ECG will be at the BES Autumn Meeting on 14th October 2021

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