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Dr Nimit Patel

Event speaker

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Nimit graduated from King’s College London in 2016 and has worked across a variety of primary and secondary care settings, including several hospitals across London and Birmingham. This included rotations within Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Paediatric and Restorative Dentistry. Nimit has delivered postgraduate prosthodontic teaching for Dentists in training with varied clinical experience. Since 2020, Nimit has worked as a Specialty Registrar in Restorative Dentistry at the Leeds Dental Institute, developing a particular interest in complex trauma requiring combined endodontic, prosthodontic and multidisciplinary rehabilitation.

Themes to be  presented:-

1) Drive for simpler obturation

2) A change in philosophy from gutta percha to sealer-based systems

3) Retrievability and consequences to a primary care practitioner (perhaps)

4) Sealer solubility/stability

5) Use of bio-ceramics as an adjunct to classic techniques (continuous wave)

6) Tissue response to bio-ceramics and perhaps looking at newer sealers and predicting directions we end up going in to


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