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Dr Paula Villa

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Dr. Paula Villa is an endodontist graduated from Universidad CES in Medellin, Colombia. She is cofounder of the graduated endodontic program in Universidad de Antioquia, where she is a Titular Professor. Dr. Villa is the former president of the Colombian Association of Endodontists, she has authored scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and has her private practice limited to Endodontics and Endodontic Microsurgery in Medellín, Colombia.

“Endodontic microsurgery: implants can wait”.

Endodontic microsurgery has evolved over the years to become a procedure that shows an over 90% success rate with minimum invasion.

Identifying the way modern tools have expanded the indications of this procedure is the first step to carry out successful treatments. In this conference, we will analyze the different scenarios in which endodontic microsurgery can be considered a conservative option when treating endodontic infections, as well as those tools and techniques to achieve this.

“Guided Endodontic Microsurgery: approaching challenging cases”.

Advances in dentistry have led us to implement computer-guided techniques with such a level of accuracy that, today, it allows us to reach the most challenging anatomical areas in a safer and more conservative way. In this conference, we will discuss different aspects of guided endodontic microsurgery based on scientific literature and clinical experience so that we can learn the positive impact that technology has on this type of treatments and also the way it facilitates preservation of natural teeth.

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