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Dr Daniel Cerny

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Daniel Cerny (*1974) has received his dental degree at the Charles University, Medical School in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic (1998). Doctorate degree earned at Palacky University in Olomouc in 2018 with the topic of adhesive aesthetic reconstruction.

Previously an assistant professor at Charles University, Medical School in Hradec Kralove at the Dpt of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics (1998-2007). 

Private practice in Hradec Kralove limited to endodontics and adhesive dentistry since 2001. 

Immediate Past President of the Czech Endodontic Association (CES) 2015-2023. 

Member of the Scientific Board of the Czech Dental Chamber. (since 2022)

Co-founder and the first president of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics (CADE) (2007-2009). 

Editorial board member of LKS journal (Czech Dental Chamber Journal) (2009-2013)

Co-owner and CEO of the continuing education institute HDVI since 2010. 

Member of AAE. 

Author/co-author of 36 articles in dental journals. Co-author of 4 chapters in dental books. Lectures widely internationally. 

 Essential tools for successful endo-restorative treatment. 

Author: Daniel Cerny

In the past 25 years, adhesive endo-restorative procedures have become valuable alternative to the traditional method of restoring non-vital teeth with cast post or other metallic structures. Unfortunately, in its novelty and complexity, the adhesive procedure was often underestimated and the results less than ideal. It is clear now, all traditional approach to the problem must be avoided in order to be successful in adhesive postendo procedure. New materials require new protocols as they represent a major paradigm shift. Made by an endodontist, all steps from the root canal treatment to final restoration must be reconsidered. With such approach, every non-vital tooth can be restored with adhesive procedure whether incisor, bicuspid or molar and many of those within the same clinical session as the root canal treatment. 

Within a single private practice in Czech republic 2 endodontists and 2 prosthodontist have completed approximately 10.000 units of adhesively restored pulpless teeth between 2007 and 2023. Based on this 16 years of learning, researching the topic and clinical practice, the author has developed a standardized clinical protocol. In the lecture, all the essential tools, whether materials, instruments or procedures, will be identified and described. 

Steps to be discussed: isolation, root dentin shaping, dentin adhesive conditioning, resin composite selection and layering, fiber post selection and indication, short-fiber reinforced composite, delayed photoactivation.

Long term clinical results will be presented. 

Aims and Objectives of Presentation


Present the need of restorative skills for endodontists

Enlighten the process of restoration of pulpless teeth


Present clinical data from 16 years of specialty clinic teamwork

Explain 4 main principles of endorestoration. 

Identify the critical technical steps to be completed for successfull endorestoration

Demonstrate typical situations that may arise and their solution


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