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COVID 19 Guidance for Primary Dental care

With regard to COVID 19 we would like to make confirm with  your where information produced by NHSE/I is housed.

All letters, standard operating procedures and associated documents are housed here:

Keep this link handy (in your favourites maybe), and check it on a regular basis for updated documentation.  Dental specific information is at the Dental practice tab.

To also note – A COVID-19 update for primary dental care professionals has been published today (20th March) “Issue 2 – Preparedness letter for primary dental care – 20 March 2020”.

We appreciate that the whole oral health community is working in new and unpredictable times and we appreciate your support in using the links above which will aid our team in ensuring we can get information to you in an expedient manner.

Office of the Chief Dental Officer, England

Medical Directorate

NHS England and NHS Improvement

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